Terms & Conditions


Membership Prices

When signing up on the early bird memberships your price will start on opening day at the introductory offer and last for the advertised period. (Either 3 months, 2 months, or 1 month)

Membership prices are subject to increase after the initial introductory offer, you have full control to either cancel or alter the membership that suits you.

Changes to the Price and Memberships Plans.

Membership prices may alter. You’ll recieve notification as to any membership changes no later than 30 days before changes are implemented.

Referral Program 

New members have to join for at least 2 months for you to claim your reward. Referrals will receive the early bird offer available at the time of sign-up and can extend their access by referring further friends. Offer starts August 11th for a limited time only. One month equals 4 weeks with maximum offer period capped at 48 weeks (12×4 weeks).